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Drum Looper/Chopper w/ Real-Time Beat Tracking

I wanted to share a quick prototype I threw together.  I’ve been messing around with various ways to sync to external audio in Max/MSP, and last night I came across the btrack~ external by Adam Stark.  It works incredibly well… highly recommended!  I’m using that external to drive the clock on a 4-channel drum looper/chopper patch that I made.  Everything stays locked in tempo, and its a lot of fun to mess around with.

The iPhone control is accomplished through TouchOSC.  The music in the video is “You Belong To Me” by Johnny Polygon & Amanda Diva.


On Generative Music – “In C” performed by Max/MSP

“Generative music” can be loosely defined as music created by a system and then evolved over time according to the rules or constraints of that system.  This can be a mechanical system, a piece of computer software, or even a set of live human performers following a specific set of instructions.  Wikipedia credits Brian Eno with coining the term (along with many other aspects of modern electronic music as we know them today).  The truth is, I’ve been interested in the concept since way before I’d ever heard the term (or even heard of Brian Eno), and I’ve done a lot of tinkering and prototyping in this area.  It turns out that generative music systems have the potential to play a huge role in gaming and interactive audio, topics I will certainly explore further in future posts.  But for today, I’d like to present one particular experiment in the area. Continue reading

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