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Corporate Creativity

Several months back Activision CEO Bobby Kotick caused quite a stir when, during a long interview with Forbes magazine, he implied that DJ Hero was a mistake and that it sucked focus away from the Guitar Hero games and led to the demise of the franchise as a whole.  This set off quite an uproar among the gaming community (as is typical when Mr. Kotick says, well… just about anything).

Now, some disclosures and disclaimers before I carry on:

  1. I became an Activision employee in 2009 when my company (7 Studios) was acquired, and spent 2 years working within the “Hero” brand on new music game concepts.  I was there up to and including the shuttering of the franchise and the mass layoffs that followed.
  2. Prior to that, I created and led the development of Scratch: The Ultimate DJ, a game that was set to compete head-to-head against DJ Hero.

But this isn’t an excuse to bad-mouth my former employer, or talk trash about the Hero games and the decisions made during their lifecycle.  What’s done is done; I’ve moved on, and so has most of the gaming community. Continue reading

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