Work & Projects

Work & Projects

A sampling of my personal and professional work.

  • Recent Projects – mobile apps, interactive art, social game design, augmented reality
  • Video Games – 7+ years professional experience, most recently as a Creative Director at Activision
  • Max/MSP – my first love, responsible for my transition from music to tech
  • Web Experiments – since I have a fair bit of experience with JavaScript, digging into some web work seemed like a logical next step

Recent Projects

For the past year I have been working on a variety of contracted and personal projects.

VenLabs / DimSong – music remix app for iOS

I founded VenLabs to house my music/tech projects. DimSong, our first app for iOS, transforms any piece of music into an interactive listening experience. It allows you to control the arrangement of a song in real-time with movement, touch or light, so that no matter what you’re doing… your music listens to you.

I created the concept, developed the prototype, and then formed and led a small team to produce the final app. DimSong got some nice attention from the press, was selected as a finalist in the 2012 SXSW Music Accelerator, and features music from RJD2, AWOLNATION, and Phife Dawg (ATCQ), among others. I also blogged a bit about it here.

“Exhibit A” – interactive multi-media art installation

I collaborated with filmmaker Jason Trucco on “Exhibit A”, a series of interactive audio-visual works that debuted at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, with additional showings in San Francisco and more scheduled. I served as the show’s Director of Technology, helping Jason achieve his vision through the development of custom software for 4 distinct works. Pieces were built in Processing and Max/MSP, utilizing input from webcams, Wiimotes, Kinect, and web data.

The following video demonstrates one of the pieces, “Wake Up Screaming”:

“With Buddies” / Scopely – sound & music for iOS game

Los Angeles based start-up Scopely hired me to create the music and sound effects for their hit iOS game “Jewels With Buddies”. The game currently has a 5-star rating with over 5,000 reviews, and it reached #5 on the Top Free Apps list during the week of its release. I continue to work with Scopely on their upcoming projects.

Augmented Reality Mash-Up – concept development

I was approached by Augmented Reality Agency Kudan to develop a music-based AR concept. After reviewing their impressive pattern detection technology, I conceived and the prototyped an AR Mash-Up concept.

This video demonstrates my prototype in action, developed with Reactivision and Max for Live:

I then worked with Kudan to help integrate the concept into their tech, which can be seen in this video:

MXP4 / Bopler  – design consultation for Facebook games

I was contracted by MXP4 and Bopler Games to create a series of game designs with the goal of leveraging existing mechanics and technology to increase user engagement, strengthen social connections and facilitate stronger monetization.

Video Games

The bulk of my professional career (about 7 years) has been spent in game development, where I worked as a Creative Director, Producer, Game Designer, Audio Lead, and Sound Designer. A list of my projects:

  • Unannounced Social Music Gaming Initiative @ Activision (cross-platform) – Creative Director
  • Unannounced iPhone Games – Creative Director
  • Scratch: The Ultimate DJ [Unreleased] (Xbox360, PS3) – Original concept, Creative Lead, acting Producer
  • Sopranos: Road To Respect (PS2) – Audio Lead
  • Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer (Wii, PS2, DS) – Sound Design
  • Napoleon Dynamite (PSP, DS) – Audio Lead
  • Shrek the Third (Xbox360) – Sound Design
  • Six Flags Fun Park (Wii, DS) – Additional Sound Design
  • Unannounced Projects (PC, Mobile) – various Design & Audio roles
  • Medal of Honor: Airborne (Xbox360, PS3, PC) – Audio Inter

Max/MSP Software Development

I’m a big fan (and heavy user) of Cycling 74’s Max/MSP, which I use to develop prototypes, explore concepts of interactivity, and work out ideas. The following represents just a small sampling of my Max work.

“In C” – real-time, AI-driven performance of Terry Riley’s famed minimalist composition

This was built as part of a larger study of algorithmic composition. I blogged a bit about it here, which details the software, describes the composition, and provides some audio examples.

Overview of the “In C” patch

Drum Looper/Chopper – tempo-synced loop mangler controlled via iPhone

A patch that automatically syncs drum loops with an underlying audio track (using the btrack~ external) and allows you to mix, chop and stutter those loops via a custom interface created with TouchOSC. A bit more info is available on my blog post here.

Operation – real-time performance system

Including this one mostly for nostalgia purposes. Operation was my thesis project at Berklee College of Music in 2004, created with the guidance of Dr. Richard Boulanger. It’s a complete performance multi-track performance system that I built from the ground up. The video is almost painful in its stilted narration and jerky camera movement, but hey – that’s how it was.

Web Experiments

I’ve been teaching myself web development – HTML/JS/CSS, jQuery, and a little bit of PHP.

Munchie Jams

Munchie Jams attempts to interpret any food or drink and construct a complimentary Spotify playlist. It’s experimental and non-scientific, so your results may vary. Utilizes Wolfram Alpha, Big Huge Labs, and Echo Nest APIs. The goal of this experiment was to dive in to the “web mash-up” world and tinker with REST calls, massaging data, etc.

Name That Tune – Spotify app

A music quiz game that I built within Spotify when they first announced their app platform. Just wanted to understand their API, and play around some more with the amazing Echo Nest platform. I blogged about this here, which goes into detail about the implementation and functionality.

Live Like You’re On Vacation – Google Maps mash-up

I created a Google Maps mash-up for travel site Live Like You’re On Vacation, which allows users to browse articles by location. Uses the Google Maps API and MarkerClusterer along with custom data parsing. In addition to the map project, I’ve assisted with customizing the layout and formatting of the site in CSS.

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